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Vision & Priorities

As an educator for over 25 years, I know it is important for all members of our community to have access to a vibrant education system and I understand how this promotes the economic vitality of our region.  When I first started out on my own career path as a teacher, Lane Community College was that access point for me.  I recognize how necessary LCC is as the community’s college.  That’s why I’m excited to be a member of the LCC board and to work hard to ensure that Lane Community College continues to be a vibrant and accessible place of learning for Lane County.

Embrace Innovation 

My priorities and vision include:    


  • Developing new and innovative partnerships with local institutions, community leaders, nonprofits, and businesses to increase community support and engagement in the college.   

  • Providing opportunities for modernizing campus facilities and programs with an eye towards future education and economic trends.

  • Continuing to invest in online degrees and quality online education as well as learning environments that utilize innovative technologies.

  • Developing new partnerships in the community that promote student access to comprehensive internships programs with local non-profits, trade-groups, and companies.

  • Ensuring the college promotes innovative and diverse educational opportunities for all community members as Lane County’s demographics grow and change.

  • Championing a college sustainability plan to ensure that LCC is environmentally friendly and becomes a pioneer in reducing the carbon footprint of college campuses through the use of renewable energy and green projects.

Ensure Student Success

My priorities  and vision include:  


  • Ensuring traditional and nontraditional students have access to the programs and classes they need to be successful and achieve their career goals.

  • Creating learning communities and pathways around specific degrees or career plans to support student success.

  • Providing apprenticeships, training programs, and the certificate training opportunities students require to find meaningful employment.

  • Investing in academic support and guidance services students need to be successful in the college environment.

  • Expanding classes in such areas as technology or green jobs to ensure students are career ready for the jobs of the future.

  • Eliminating barriers to student enrollment and success to ensure the college is recruiting students from the broadest spectrum possible.

  • Ensuring all students at the college are safe, respected, valued, and welcomed as an integral component of the LCC learning community.

Regional Economic Vitality

My priorities and vision in this area include: 


  • Partnering with business, trade, and education leaders to expand career and technical training opportunities including pathways to apprenticeship programs.

  • Expanding technology, trades, and healthcare programs that ensure these sectors of the economy have the trained professionals needed and that make students career ready for local jobs.

  • Partnering with local leaders, community organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to effectively and agilely respond to community needs and opportunities.

  • Creating a robust and thriving hub at LCC for educational, civic, business and community development.

  • Ensuring that LCC continues to be a place that provides meaningful opportunities for employment and professional development in Lane County.

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